Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid (Select Set)

Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid (Select Set)

Pelican-Hardigg has a Select Set program for standard case configurations.

All Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid Select Set Cases are are available in Black and OD Green, with Black usually in stock, and have standard hardware.

Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid Select Set Cases are usually in-stock, but as stock is not 100% guaranteed, please contact Allcases for availability.

The addition of most options will change the delivery schedule.

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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
  • Single Lid Case – AL6912-1003RP (Select Set) REAL6912-1003RP 69.37″L x 12″W x 14.09″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL5616-0604RP (Select Set) REAL5616-0604RP 56.43″L x 16.25″W x 10.07″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL5415-1026RP (Select Set) REAL5415-1026RP 54″L x 15″W x 36″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL5424-2306RP (Select Set) REAL5424-2306RP 53.87″L x 23.93″W x 28.87″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL4824-1604RP (Select Set) REAL4824-1604RP 48.62″L x 24.62″W x 19.67″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL4824-1404RP (Select Set) REAL4824-1404RP 48.62″L x 24.62″W x 17.67″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL4024-1305RP (Select Set) REAL4024-1305RP 39.87″L x 24.31″W x 18″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL3834-1617RP (Select Set) REAL3834-1617RP 38.12″L x 34.12″W x 33″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL3620-1710RP (Select Set) REAL3620-1710RPC 35.87″L x 19.87″W x 27.27″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL3424-1205RP (Select Set) REAL3424-1205RP 34.25″L x 24.18″W x 17.25″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL3418-1005RP (Select Set) REAL3418-1005RP 34.18″L x 18″W x 15.37″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL3018-1505RP (Select Set) REAL3018-1505RP 29.75″L x 17.87″W x 20.12″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL3018-0905RP (Select Set) REAL3018-0905RP 29.75″L x 17.87″W x 14.62″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL2624-1805RP (Select Set) REAL2624-1805RP 26.6″L x 24″W x 22.87″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL2013-0903RP (Select Set) REAL2013-0903RP 19.87″L x 13″W x 12.25″H View
  • Single Lid Case – AL1616-0505RP (Select Set) REAL1616-0505RP 15.75″L x 15.88″W x 10.54″H View