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  • Single M1919 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-M1919 View
  • Single M240B + Single M9 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-M240B View
  • Single M24A2 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M24A2 View
  • Field Pack – 3300 Bag Only RE472-DW3300-Bag View
  • Single M16 or M4 or AR15 w/wo M203 + M9 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M16 View
  • Single M24A3 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M24A3 View
  • 2 Pack M16s or AR15s Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M16-2 View
  • Pelican Storm 3300 Long Case REIM3300 View
  • Single M24 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M24 View
  • Single M60 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-M60 View
  • Field Pack – 3300 with Case and Bag RE472-DW3300 View
  • Single SCAR-L or SCAR-H Rifle Case RE472-PWC-SCAR View
  • Single M14 or M25 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M14-1 View
  • Single M249 + Single M9 Machine Gun Case RE472-PWC-M249 View
  • Field Pack – 3200 Bag Only RE472-DW3200-Bag View
  • Single M4 w/ SOPMOD + M9 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M4-SF View
  • Field Pack – 3200 with Case and Bag RE472-DW3200 View
  • Single R870 Tactical Shotgun Case RE472-PWC-R870 View
  • Pelican Storm 3200 Long Case REIM3200 View
  • Single M4 or M16 w/wo M203 Rifle Case RE472-PWC-M16-3200 View