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Thermoformed Cases

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Plastic sheets are placed in an oven for heating so that they become pliable. The heated sheet is then placed over a form (shaped like your end part) and a vacuum is then applied to remove trapped air and to pull the material into or onto the mold along with pressurized air. This then forms the plastic to the detailed shape of the mold. After a short form cycle, a burst of reverse air pressure is actuated from the vacuum side of the mold as the form tooling opens, commonly referred to as air-eject, to break the vacuum and assist the formed parts off of, or out of, the mold. Thermoformed cases are available in stock or customizable options.


Thermoformed Cases – Stock

Stock Thermoformed Cases are typically shipped ‘as-is’ in 1-3 business days.


Thermoformed Cases – Customizable

Customizable Thermoformed Cases are built to order, allowing for custom add-ons, and typically ship in 2-6 weeks.



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